Crime Stoppers’ Checklist for Widows

Widows need to be safe in their own homes. The list below was selected from a pamphlet published by MetLife’s Consumer Education Center.

Do you have a dog? Barking dogs attract attention that a burglar doesn’t want.

Do you leave a radio or TV on when you’re out? The sound of voices may deter an intruder.

Do you refuse to open doors to strangers? Always ask for identification or check the driveway for a repair or delivery truck. When in doubt call the business to see if they sent someone to your house.

Do you have peepholes in all solid doors? Don’t rely on chain locks to see who is at the door.

Do you keep your garage door locked? Thieves like attached garages because once inside they can break into the house without being noticed.

Are your basement windows locked? Intruders love the ease and cover of getting into basements.

Do you keep your trees and shrubbery trimmed? If they are overgrown they give burglars privacy.

Does your neighbor collect your mail and newspapers when you’re away? You can also ask the post office and paper carrier to hold deliveries until you return.

Does your neighborhood have a watch program? If not, check with your local police for any helpful information they can give you. Let them know that you are living on your own and ask how often they are in your area.

Be safe and don’t be too trusting. Take care, Mary Francis

  1. Amy
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    I find this helpful as my husband was always fussing at me to lock the door and then not to just open it . Sigh , Now I’m alone and I still do it . I find myself coming downstairs and noticing I’ve boon home all day with the doors unlocked . I’ll be getting cameras and a chain lock really soon oh, and maybe one of those locks like in a hotel door . I like those .

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