Are You Lonely At Christmas?

I’ve been out every night this week:

Monday – Dinner and movie with 14 ladies from “Chicks Night Out”
Tuesday – Dinner with 7 people from work.
Wednesday – Evening with sister and family.
Thursday – “Chicks Night Out” Christmas party.
Friday – Dinner and movie with 2 other ladies.

Don’t get me wrong every evening was great and I enjoyed my time with friends and family, but when I came home tonight I realized that I was doing what I did every Christmas. I was avoiding the “empty house” by staying as busy as I could.

So tomorrow night I’m facing my demons and staying home. I’m going to soak in a bubble bath with candles and a glass (or two) of wine. Tomorrow night I’m going to enjoy my own company and be at peace with the “empty house”.

This is my 8th Christmas without Donnie and its time to enjoy the season, to relax and to stop trying so hard. I’m going to continue to enjoy my friends and family but I’m going to stop scheduling in every spare minute of time. It’s okay to do nothing and enjoy the peace of the Christmas season. I’m just beginning to realize that there is a difference in being “lonely” and being comfortable with my “alone” time. I hope that everyone is careful not to fall in the trap of being busy and that you enjoy some “alone time” because that is where the healing is.

  1. Amy
    | Reply

    This describes me perfectly. I have been in my car everyday since my husband passed over a year ago. I definitely have been running from the lonliness

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