Making Good Decisions as a Widow

As a widow we are left to make our decisions without our husbands input; every day we make hundreds of them.  Most are minor, but we will be forced to make some important and even life changing decisions on our own.

Some major decisions will affect our journey, so making them with a positive attitude will help take away some of the stress.  Some helpful tips are:

  1. There may be more than “one” solution.

  2. Don’t let fear affect your decision.

  3. Stop and think before you act.

  4. Listen to what your heart says (your gut feeling).

  5. Know what you want – your outcome.

  6. Try to think calmly and rationally (hard to do when grieving).

  7. Get all the facts before you make the decision.

  8. Get the opinions of others, but still make your own decision.

  9. Look for opportunities in every decision.

  10. Be prepared to take a few risks in life.

  11. Know that security is a state of mind – it can’t be found in things.

I wish you the very best in the New Year as you struggle with your new future and all the decisions that have to be made without your loved one.  I know it’s hard but I also know that you have the inner strength to not only survive but to heal as you create your new path into the future.

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