Passed and Present – Keeping Memories Alive of Loved Ones

If you talk about your grief and continue to honor their memories, almost always you will find that grieving is easier than if you try to avoid the pain.

In my past newsletters I always have a book of the month.  This month I’m featuring “Passed and Present” as it’s a book of fun and creative ways to keep our memories alive.  It’s important that we find ways to remember our loved ones because moving forward doesn’t mean leaving our memories behind.

My newsletter is no longer in circulation as my blog postings and YouTube channel have replaced it.

I always treasure a small tin box of pennies that my Mom used to keep.  I always knew when company was coming over to play cards and drink tea when my Mom set her little tin on the kitchen table.





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  1. Marylisë Rhoads
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    I have spent some time today reading your blogs. This one is especially meaningful for me. My husband died 1 1/2 years ago just before Christmas 2014. My first project was to make copies of all the pictures of each of my grandchildren (ages 9 – 13) alone with their "Papa", so I could give them a little album of happy memories with him; my intent was to help them in their own grieving process.
    As for myself, I had gotten through all the "firsts" — first Christmas, first birthday, first Father's Day, etc, but the 50th anniversary of our wedding on June 26th 2016 was the hardest for me. I knew that both of my children, my sister, and my closest friend would be on vacation that week, so that made it harder to think about being without my husband. So I decided to put together a scrapbook with photos and letters and memories that he and I had shared. I spent the day poring over photos of our dating, wedding, homes, and traveling and trying to recount some special memories that involved just the two of us. I certainly wasn't able to complete that scrapbook on the day, but I continue to add to it.
    Wish I had seen this blog sooner, as i would have enjoyed reading the book "Passed and Present – Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive".

    Thank you, Mary Francis, for your helpful blogs; no one understands as well as one who has "been there.
    Sincerely, Marylisë

    • Mary Francis
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      Thank you Marylise for sharing your project ideas with everyone.  I think it’s great that you spent your 50th anniversary doing a scrapbook in honor of your shared memories with him.  There are many widows that become “victims” of their grief and can’t see their way out.  Your comments will give them hope and some ideas to try for themselves.  Take care of yourself,  Mary Francis

  2. Marylisë Rhoads
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    Thanks, Mary, for reminding me of my own project from 6 months ago; it must be time to continue adding to it. Also, I have greatly enjoyed using Legacy Box to have my videos and home movies transferred to CD’s. They bring back so many memories that I had been unable to access because my projector no longer works. Now I can again see my husband and me as newlyweds, as well as our children, when they were babies! What a blessing!

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