Caregivers Health

It is common for the health of caregivers to become compromised. Sometimes help for caregivers can be difficult to find but Hospice Volunteers go willingly into homes to relieve the caregivers as needed.

When the need is there, it is natural to do all that is required for a loved one, but later the survivor’s underlying health problems may begin to surface.

Caring for a loved one whose life has been shortened is challenging work that most of us are untrained or prepared for. The emotions, the worry, the uncertainty about treatments, caring for children and the social isolation are sometimes more than any person can bear.

Most of us know caregivers who need a little encouragement. Take them out to lunch and let them talk, offer no advice, express concern about their health in a gentle way and spend some meaningful time together. Sometimes it is helpful to share your own story – about being exhausted, frustrated and the endless demands and in the end it being the most rewarding time of your life.

Exhausted and frustrated because you had to do a host of things for which you had no training or experience. Demanding as you make sure they get their rest while handling the endless phone calls, visitors and the never ending juggling of medication.

Remember that Hospice and Palliative Care have services that can help and that you’re not alone – you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Our loved ones are received with love, caring and the expertise to help them live out their lives free of pain and in dignity.

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