Acute Grief and Suicide

Most grief is anticipated with family and friends knowing in advance that death is coming. But acute grief is sudden, unannounced and leaves you shaken to the core.

When your loved one dies, you not only lose them – you also lose all the things they had offered you. You lose their love and the future you had planned together.

Grief is like the experience of amputation, it’s your reaction to having part of your life cut off from you. Grief is similar to losing an arm, both are parts of you and their loss comes with great sorrow.

The degree and reasons of sudden death vary – but much pain comes from death by suicide. If you never expected their sudden death or suicide, then your grief will be the most severe of all losses.

Acute grief is sudden, the pain lasts longer and you can’t escape from it. You must be willing to work through it – by sharing your pain with others you will in time be able to let it go.

You must be careful not to get “stuck” in your grieving. If you are unable to see any hope it will be too easy to fall into deep depression.

A trained counselor will be able to help you work through your acute grief. Not everyone goes through every phase of grief and stages may not occur in order or at all.

Acute grief – be willing to face the pain head on. Accept the pain so that you can work through it and in time the healing will come.

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