Confronting Our Fears

When widows finally develop the courage to meet a problem head on, the problem disappears and with it our fears.

Take the courage to make that difficult phone call, confront a person or make a sacrifice – just making the decision to do it very often makes it unnecessary.  We agonise for weeks or months and yet once we decide to face a fear, the fear evaporates.

Do you remember performing a task that you thought would be difficult or embarrassing?  Once done, did it seem only half as bad as you anticipated?   How often have you found that thinking about it was so much more painful than just doing it?

It is very simple.  When you have really, really had enough of being miserable, you will confront your fears and make the necessary changes.  It takes discipline, it takes effort, but it is still very simple.

To be serious about change we need to speak positively about ourselves and avoid negative comments.  The words we use are always in our subconscious mind and become part of our makeup.

If we use the word "try" we are indicating that we are not in control, that we may do it or we may not.  Substituting "will" for "try" will challenge you to confront your fears and make the changes you want. 

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