Be Gentle With Ourselves

Sometimes, we are so consumed with our own grief that it is difficult to understand or even acknowledge the depth of others’ grief.

As parents, sometimes we don’t understand that our own children, after having lost one parent, are fearful of having to face losing the other parent. All of us have to learn to be gentle with ourselves and to understand and accept that we have done our best.

We will make mistakes – after all there is no training manual for grieving.  We try our best, but sometimes it takes all our energy just to get out of bed let alone acknowledge the pain of those around us.

Yes, I could have done some things differently and for sure I could have been more sensitive, but truthfully I did well just to get back to work in those early days of grieving  It's funny how much easier it is to be gentle with others and yet I'm so much more demanding of my own actions.

I've learned to be more gentle and forgiving of myself, especially when I was grieving.  I hope that you do the same 🙂


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