Grief is Powerful

When I was a child I thought that if I was good and did what I was supposed to that life would be easy and I wouldn’t have any troubles.  When I grew up I learned that troubles come naturally to everyone.

Sometimes we widows become discouraged because we don’t understand why our loved ones died. Pain, grief and loss are part of living and good people suffer just as bad people do.  Troubles are not reserved for only bad people or kept from the good people.  The truth is that heartaches come to everyone.

It’s extreme to expect life to be mostly fun, but it’s also extreme to expect life to be mostly unhappy.  Life is generally along the middle with its fair share of both fun and unhappiness.  We can’t afford to stay angry with life because it may lead us to a “victim” mind set.

The widow who rises up to meet the demands of being single, will be able to work through all the challenges that come her way.  She knows that life has trials but instead of resenting it, she grabs life and demands the best it has to give.

For many widows, grief continues to hold power over them long after their loss.  If we find comfort in it, if we find safety in it, we might never totally free ourselves from it.

That is not to say that grief’s power is irresistible.  Widows heal every day, but the power of grief must be recognized and acknowledged so that it doesn’t have a chance to turn into depression.

Grief is a battle that has to be fought, but eventually grief should be won over by our healing spirit.   Just be on guard because grief is powerful and may over take us if we are not diligent.

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  1. Debbie
    | Reply

    My husband and I were high school sweethearts. We were soul mates . We did everything together for the last 34 years. Three months ago he had a heart attack and passed away. He was my whole life, I don't even know how to be me anymore without him. I am heartbroken. I am lost . I can't stop crying . I'm still in utter disbelief that I will never see him again . 

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      I’m so very sorry Debbie.  Grief is a hard master and takes over every part of our lives.  It’s hard to think clearly and find any joy in life, but it’s important to hang on to your happy memories.  As time passes your grief will soften and your heart will start to heal.  Sadly you will have to travel the grief journey and find your way before you can start to heal.  The best thing to do is force yourself to get out and be sociable.  Staying by yourself all the time will only make you more lonely. Take care of yourself, Mary Francis

  2. Chozella Undi
    | Reply

    Debbie..i feel your pain and anguish. Its been 1 month and 6 days since i lost my soulmate. After 10 years of him and i…i too dont know how to be anything anymore. A part of me is gone…where do I go from here. Im in turmoil…in…such..pain..

    God, My heavenly Father…..please…please help me.

  3. Linda
    | Reply

    Hi. I am a new widow.

  4. Linda
    | Reply

    Hi. I am glad I found this blog.

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