Self-Pity is an Energy Robber

Grief is normal and natural but as widows we have to fight the demon of self-pity as it’s a waste of our energy.

Never accept defeat – grief may knock us down, giving us bruises, heartaches and torment but there is nothing we can do except grieve in a healthy way so we can heal. Our lives aren’t meant to be lived backwards – but to move us forward.

We cannot expect to hold onto positive energy, which moves us forward, if we are always thinking of the past and of what we don’t have instead of what we still have.

Widows who have learned to manage the stress of grief, have learned to create brief moments of relaxation.  For example – create a positive statement to say to yourself during times of stress.  This internal dialogue will help you in getting your body and mind back into balance.

Positive Statements

  • I can do it!
  • I’ll just get started and then I’ll be all right.
  • One step at a time, then everything will be easier.
  • Relax, be calm, plan and follow through.
  • I’m not going to participate in something that’s not important to me.

Create some of your own positive phrases.  Write them out and place them on your mirrors.  Making them a part of your everyday thought process will help you grieve in a healthy way without digging yourself into a pit of self-pity.

Some of life’s greatest pleasures happen when we slow down and pay attention.

We need all the tools and tips possible to heal, so please give positive statements a try.

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