I Feel Like Scrooge

Well, it’s that time of year again, the season for being thankful and grateful. It starts with Thanksgiving Day and goes through till New Year’s Day.

Being thankful is a positive way to attract more situations and experiences to feel thankful for.

But . . . what if . . . you don’t feel particularly thankful right now? What if, like so many other widows you’re having a difficult time and are feeling sad?

“Bah, humbug!” you say, “If you lost your loved one like I did you wouldn’t be so smiley.”

So, how do you handle the holidays when you would rather just stay home and be left alone?

During the holiday season grieving is even more difficult so my best advice is to simply do what you are able to do and eliminate the pressure of doing what two people used to do. Family and friends should understand that the holidays have changed for you and therefore they should be supportive of whatever you want to do.

As a widow you will find the “Community Forum” in The Sisterhood of Widows website helpful – https://sisterhoodofwidows.com/community/ . This area is a safe place to talk to other widows and share your own tips and advice. It helps to face the holidays with those that understand your journey.

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