Widows Need Unconditional Support

At Christmas we honor family and all its extensions. Everybody needs someone they can count on, trust and get that unconditional support that we all yearn for.

That bond is more important now than ever before, because as widows we are more aware of how important each life is. For some of us the thought of big family gatherings can cause us to develop holiday migraines as early as October, but with the right mental attitude we can have a good time, no matter how wacko some of the family members are.

The single best way to cope is to let go of the need for perfect family and friends. Instead imagine being with them without attempting in any way to get their love, approval or appreciation. It will then be far easier to let go of judgment and be contented with them as they are.

You invite inner peace when you stop trying to get that perfect family or even thinking of them as all sane grownups. By seeing your own infinite value, you’ll see more value in others – just as they are.

We need to take nothing for granted, especially those we care about. Use this season to reach out in love, in kindness and in turn let yourself receive love and kindness with your whole heart.

I know this seems impossible for those of us that have lost our soul mates. For many this is the first Christmas without our loved one at the dinner table, hanging out with the family. But their memory lives through us and we shall never forget them.

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