Is it Normal to Think About Suicide?

Probably the most undocumented response to grief is how some wish that they could end their own life. They don’t really want to kill themselves; they just wish for death to put an end to their pain.

If you think about suicide – stop and ask if it’s just a passing thought or an idea that is really starting to appeal to you. If you start devising a plan for suicide or becoming preoccupied with the idea then you need immediate assistance and should be under the care of a doctor or counselor. You are loved and you are valuable, get the help you need.

At this time your grief is too hard to bear because:

• It feels harder to be alive
• Your physical, mental and spiritual health is low
• Financial struggles seem too difficult to handle
• There is way too much paperwork to be done
• You can’t manage your emotions
• Family members are fighting
• There are legal battles over the estate
• You can’t see how life will ever get normal again
• You don’t want to go back to work & see everyone
• It’s too hard to be separated from your loved one

If you are feeling some of these emotions then you’re feeling overwhelmed and it’s normal to seek escape from it all. We may even turn to drugs, alcohol or excessive sex to achieve a temporary relief from our grief. Try saying to yourself “This too shall pass” or some other positive statement. For most, feelings of suicide are temporary.

When you lose your loved one your world as you knew it came crashing down and everything has changed. Give yourself time to deal with this new life and the responsibilities of being on your own. Your life is important and has a huge impact on everyone who needs and loves you.

If you continue to have thoughts of suicide then speak to your doctor and get help.

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