Do You Postpone Making Decisions?

Some people keep putting off what needs to be done, thus causing stress and anxiety to build up. It’s easier for them to postpone making a decision than to make a decision. Excuses range from “not having the time” to waiting for someone else.

Tackling unpleasant situations slowly is much more painful than just jumping in with both feet and getting it done. Put the task in your calendar and don’t let anything stop you from doing it.

Take three pages and on each page write one of these on the top.
“Do Now” – “Do Later” – “Do Whenever”

List all the decisions you have to make on the page you think it belongs. Now list all the tasks that are involved in that decision. Make notes about why and who this might also affect. Use this as a work plan so that you can make an educated decision. Before you know it your list of things “to do” is done and they were done at your pace.

Every time you make a decision cross it off your list and you will feel like you have accomplished something. It will make you feel good about yourself. Savor the moment when it’s done.

Write out all the problems that you are worrying about and your plans to solve them. Then let it be. Often the fact that you wrote them out is enough to unburden the mind and bring peace to your sleep.

Writing it out will give you a chance to look back over this period of your life and see how you have progressed. Your writings will become filled with your life, the pain, laughter, events and most importantly how it all came together to make you the person you are today.

Take an honest assessment of your present life and see where you may be out of balance. When you know what you want, are comfortable with who you are and can focus on a goal, you’ll find harmony in your life.

Awareness has to come first before you can make the decisions needed to relieve your stress and start sleeping well.

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  1. Diane
    | Reply

    This is an excellent post. Thank you.

    I used lists and every year (even before my husband passed) I found a calendar with beautiful pictures and big blocks so that I can use my Sharpie to write down tasks/med appt./car inspection etc./birthdays…of course. It’s my “go to” planner with beautiful pictures on my kitchen wall. Sometimes you have to wait for people to help you out. That was a big stress for me.

    I try and do what I can and then hire others to help me out.

    I am a very independent person, but I know that I can’t do everything. 66 years old and counting….


  2. Susan
    | Reply

    I am always putting things off…. I’m the procrastinator … ‘ll have try your idea. 🙂


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