Widows and Taking Financial Control

I may be making an impact on widows lives, but they have also made an unforgettable imprint on my soul.

It is fulfilling to be giving value to other widows and your finances are the most important to have control over so here are some tips:

1. Take a step back – When your emotions are all over the place, your mind is not in the best place for making certain financial decisions. Give yourself time to heal.

2. Get the right advice – A financial adviser can help to determine if you’re living above your means or if you have extra and can increase your goals.

3. Watch out for scams – Run everything by your lawyer or another trusted professional. Do not give out any financial information without first seeking legal advice.

4. Keep your finances to yourself – One mistake many people make is leaving their children or loved ones to deal with their finances. While it may seem like an easier route to take, it can turn into a big mistake. They might expose you to bad investments which in turn can hurt your future.

5. Be in control – You need to be the one in control of your finances so don’t give your power away.

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  1. Tricia N
    | Reply

    I heard and followed this advice too. It is related to this. When answering the phone never indicate to the unknown caller that you are a widow. There are those who financially prey on vulnerable widows.

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Thanks Tricia for sharing that tip about how we widows should answer our phone. Great advise – Mary Francis

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