Dreams Move Us Forward

What I’ve discovered is that a lot of widows have misconceptions about what they want going forward.

Do you have dreams that are worthy of your time? Dreams that give you something to get out of bed for? A dream worth pursuing is a valuable commodity. Dreams move us forward, give us energy and make us enthusiastic about life. Every widow ought to have a dream and I’m here to encourage you to dream and not lose hope.

Not all dreams have to be huge to be worth of your time. They just need to be big enough to stretch you and strong enough to keep you working towards them even when times get tuff.

The world is filled with dream crushers that love to knock other’s dreams. They may not be pursuing any dreams of their own or maybe they are trying to protect you from more pain. Either way, it’s never too late to plan your future and pursue your dreams.

As widows we’ve had our planned future taken away but we must get back on our feet and start planning a new future. It may be easy to settle for average, to blame our problems on others, on our circumstances or lack of money. Please don’t settle for less than you deserve just to avoid more change.

If you don’t have a reason to move forward your life may slip away. Good enough is not good enough and one of life’s greatest tragedies is a widow with a great capacity for life but who does nothing with it.

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    Great advice……

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