Widows Embracing Life

Ten years ago I became a widow going through a dark season of grief.  I read that reconnecting with my inner child is a terrific way to heal my wounds.  But instead I have become absolutely fixed upon my “inner badass” who wants what she wants and is willing to go after it.

Do you want to know how to embrace life as a widow?  How to be happy again?  It’s being a “badass” and doing exactly what you want.  We live in a society that embraces youth, but “youth” and “widow” do not usually go together so it’s time to move pass that.  Enjoy your inner child’s fun and love of life but don’t let it’s fear of change hold you back.  That’s when your “inner badass” has to step in, hold your gaze and clearly say “live life fully”.

There is no second time around – don’t give up on living because your a widow.  Instead remember that doing something inadvisable – going back to school, travelling on your own or joining a new group – keeps your outlook fresh and life interesting.

It’s also important to feel connected to something bigger and remembering where you came from can bring meaning and joy into your life.  In your home hang family photos and pictures of you being a “badass”, willing to try new things and meeting new friends.

These last ten years are nothing more than a marker of time.  I’m more in touch with embracing life than I’ve ever been before.  I still have my times of missing Donnie and always will, but life is too precious not to be honoured.

  1. Carol J.
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    Thanks for this…I needed to hear that. It’s been almost 11 months and, while I am better and don’t feel like I’m in such a “fog”, I’m not yet myself. My biggest issue is sometimes feeling vulnerable and I am also looking/praying for ways to feel productive. As most people, there are responsibilities helping with elderly family and I need flexibility. I know God has given me the strength to work through this most difficult time of my life. And I am very blessed with a large family and several good friends who have been there to help.

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