Widows and Estate Planning

When you die, all your important documents need to be found – the will, birth certificate, life insurance policies, pension information, bank details and more.

Have ownership papers for specific assets and property in with your other important papers. You can help your executor by organizing your papers and writing down your account numbers, contact names and any other information that will help your executor do their job.

If you want your executor to have authority to go into your safety deposit box without your signing for access, you have to add their name and signature to the safety deposit box signature card. This may be scary to do but if you can’t trust them here than maybe you should rethink about having them as your executor.

While you are getting organized it may be time to simplify your financial matters. Do you really need five different bank accounts? Don’t try to complete everything at one time. Think through your situation and what is best for all involved.

Assess your current financial situation.  Determine what you want for those left behind.  Instruct your executor as it your wishes.  Make sure executor has access to your documents.

Once everything is completed, keeping the information up to date will not take nearly as long 🙂

  1. Patricia
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    Good reminder. I did some of this but then kind of let it go. It is really important. Thanks.

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