A Widows Inner Circle of Friends

We are widows but we are also spiritual and energetic beings that have been knocked down by grief.  Our health is directly related to the environment we are in and it often suffers when we are grieving.

We have three very important emotional needs:

  • To feel Safe
  • To feel that we are Loved
  • To feel that we are Important

To get these three needs filled we have to surround ourselves with people who understand and support us.  They not only won’t sabotage our efforts, they won’t let us sabotage ourselves.  These people are there, you just need to identify them:

  • They make you feel energized.
  • You feel better about yourself, not worse.
  • They really listen to you.
  • They don’t let you make excuses when you’re hurting.
  • They encourage you, steering you firmly ahead.

These people help determine who you are and how far you will go – so pick them carefully.  Always put them first, because you know they will put you first.  Keep them close to you or seek them out if you don’t already have them in your life.

They will support and help you talk your way out of tough times and show you how to get back on your feet.  So please give yourself freely to the people who matter the most to you, and don’t squander your time and energy on those that don’t value you.

  1. Rosy
    | Reply

    I started going to ACIM self help group and it’s really empowering. They meet on a weekly basis you feel you have an extended group of friends who are there for you to hear you out and vice versa. It’s formal well organized meeting, you know what to expect so therefore, you can join any group because they follow the same process.

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