The Goal For Widows

It’s hard to go from being a wife to a widow and even harder to think of our future without them.  But if we have only one goal it needs to be to reinvent our lives without them, while still cherishing their memory.

Grieving is a process, a path that we travel as we attempt to put our lives back together.  In a widow’s life there lurks an enormous empty space in which their loved one used to be.  Life will never be as it was, but life is still worth living for.  You will learn to keep your love and memories in a special place in your heart.

You will change in many ways as you travel your own personal grief journey.  Eventually you will create a life that has purpose and although your sadness will be just under the surface, you can and will heal your life.

Part of your goal to reinvent your life is the ever important support around you.  If you can’t get that support from family and friends then your family doctor, clergy, counselors and grief support groups are out there to specifically address your needs.

Some widows use a combination of therapies and prescribed medications to help with their anxiety, sleep and panic attacks that prevent their healing process.  Don’t try to do everything by yourself – it’s okay and sometimes even necessary to ask for help.

  1. Carol J.
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    My hubby passed away almost a year ago. At the beginning of this year, I enrolled in a Yoga 101 class…BEST THING EVER! Not only are my joints stronger, but the positive/encouraging/friendly atmosphere has been exactly what I needed. My studio is in a relatively small community and from what I understand not all yoga studios are created equal, but I have benefited greatly in various ways. I definitely encourage anyone with a slight interest to look into this. FYI – For the past several years, I was getting knee injections every three months. I have not needed an injection since I started doing yoga.

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