Music to Heal

Just about everyone I know is going through some kind of loss – we’re at an age where we’re losing friends, parents and older family members.  We can channel our emotional journey with songs – songs move us forward with love and support, we heal as we move on.

Music allows us to know that it’s okay to grieve, it’s okay to be sad, that it takes time to heal and no one should rush us.  In this society we expect widows to snap out of grief, when in reality, grief takes time and it’s different for everyone.  The reason we grieve is because we loved and there is no better strength than love for our healing.

Listen to the music that you shared together.  Sure it will bring tears to your eyes, but that’s okay because it’s all part of your journey.  We need to grieve so that we can heal our broken hearts.  Music helps us to honor our memories instead of trying to avoid them.

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  1. Chozella
    | Reply

    Hello Mary Francis, ooooohhhhh….i just cant listen to the music we used to listen to together…simply cant bear, I feel so uncomfortable…so many happy memories…of us singing and giggling along together in the car…or dancing to a song in our living room…It makes me miss him so much. The way I have dealt with this is to now listen to a genre we never listened to together, gospel. Is that a cop out?

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Hi Chozella – It’s okay, don’t do what your not yet healed enough to do. It isn’t a cop out, you’re taking it in baby steps and that’s just the way it should be. Take care, Mary Francis

  2. Bridget
    | Reply

    Listening to the music we loved helps me a lot. My husband loved the upbeat Frank Sinatra songs like “Come Fly With Me”, etc. They remind me of happy memories and I am fine with that. Sometimes it feels like he is there listening, too.

  3. Julie
    | Reply

    I also have a hard time listening to the music we liked. I got some new songs on iTunes and they are kind of uplifting. I hope it will help me!

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