Sharing A Meal With Family or Friends

Sometimes, when times are tough, a home cooked meal (giving or receiving) can be just the thing you need to lift your spirits. The last thing people think about in times of grief is cooking. It’s a true blessing to receive a home cooked meal during a difficult time.

If you are having some holiday potluck dinners, decide early who’s bringing what so guests can plan their shopping in advance. Clean out the fridge and freezer ahead so there will be space for what they bring.

Feeding someone is an expression of love. You may not be able to take away their pain but you can do something simple to show how much you care. Also, by helping others in need you are taking the attention away from your pain and focusing on the needs of another.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas we share meals and memories grow. We smell and taste those favorite dishes and our memories come flowing back. Everyone should share their heritage by passing on their family recipes – memories that come back with every delicious taste.

Share gifts from your kitchen without losing your good dishes: use a sturdy piece of cardboard covered with aluminum foil, decorate brown paper bags, fill decorative tins, use glass canning jars tied with brightly colored ribbon, fill heavy duty paper plates with treats and cover with plastic wrap and use coffee filters to separate layers of cookies.

Make copies of your tried and true Christmas recipes and keep them in a separate holiday file. Jot down helpful reminders on your recipes for next year. For instance, this is Uncle Jim’s favorite.

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  1. Mary
    | Reply

    What good ideas for showing love to a grieving heart. A grieving heart has trouble continuing to beat. Let alone think about food. Popcorn is my “go to” dinner.

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Yes Mary, I agree it’s hard to think about food and eating alone. I gained weight after Donnie’s death because I did far more take out meals than I should have. But sharing a meal isn’t about food, it’s about “sharing” and not being alone for at least one meal. I hope that you give it a try because being alone throughout the season is just plain hard and anything we can do to be part of the living is a good thing. If you don’t get invited than take control and invite someone over to visit you. Take care, Mary Francis

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