Family Get Togethers

With the holiday season, comes the family get-togethers with different generations and values.

Depending on which generation hosts the family get-togethers, it can be stressful dealing with different personalities, lifestyles and ages. This is especially true if they are staying over for several days.

When it comes to sleeping arrangements take time to consider who needs quiet time for afternoon naps and who goes to bed early but also rises early in the morning.

It’s a challenge to keep mealtimes on schedule because they often revolve around children and their nap times. Meals also come with different appetites and tastes can range from vegetarians to shakes only and everything in between.

If the grandparents are hosting, then everyone is a guest and it’s not the job of the grandparents to please everyone. They may offer some choices but there should be some boundaries. If a grandchild has special meal needs then their parents should take of them.

Parents should also be encouraged to bring children toys and books so there isn’t any expectation that the grandparents are to entertain them all the time. On the other hand, plan ahead for some activities that are age appropriate – card games for the old timers, board games and scavenger hunts for the teens, making a snowman or tobogganing for all ages.

Dig out your home movies and picture albums. This is a perfect time to share your memories with the next generation coming up.

Be realistic for what can happen when you put a lot of different personalities together. If you have a family member who creates drama every year, don’t expect that it won’t happen again this year just because there has been a loss in the family. Don’t be surprised by it, instead think about ways to keep their behavior in perspective so it doesn’t ruin everyone’s time.

One main rule should be that you never give up your own room because sometimes you may need a welcome sanctuary from your company. I know you love them, but it’s okay to keep some private space.

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