Christmas Music to Help Widows

I get it, Christmas is stressful for Widows – I know because I’m a widow just like you. One stress buster I use is listening to Christmas jazz or other mellow music for 30 minutes as it can trigger the release of positive emotions and memories.

Crooning along to “Deck the Halls”, “Jingle Bells” and other holiday songs lifts your mood. Studies show that singing can also boost mental sharpness, increase happiness and reduce anxiety.

It’s more than just beautiful and traditional; the latest studies show your favorite Christmas music can cut your stress and relieve your pain.

Whether it made you sing, hum or just smile, chances are good it will give you a much needed boost in the midst of this hectic holiday season.

Believe it or not, Christmas carols can help destress the season. Singing regulates breathing patterns, allowing your lungs to take in more energizing oxygen and boost your immunity.

What memories come with your favorite Christmas song?

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  1. Blueoceandreamz
    | Reply

    Sorry but I disagree. My husband loved Christmas & played Christmas music all through the holidays now I cannot bear to listen to any Christmas music. I break down into a flood of tears. Maybe one day that may change but Christmas music will never mean the same to me

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      That’s perfectly okay Blueoceandremz that you disagree. It’s good that we can all have our own beliefs and I also had a very hard time with Christmas music my first Christmas. But as the years went by I found Christmas music gave me back my past with all it’s happy memories. Take care, Mary Francis

  2. d
    | Reply

    Blueoceandreamz, I agree with you. My husband died 6 years ago. We were married one week before Christmas 1971. We both loved Christmas. Lots of good memories.

    Things have changed for me, as far as any of the holidays go.

    The one Christmas CD that I can play is the James Taylor Christmas one.

    I do what’s good for me. Christmas is very low keyed for me now.

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