Widows Joining Forces

Widows are like everyone else when it comes to wanting their New Year to be better. And the best way to succeed is to join forces with people that may have different opinions than you.

Every year, by February, most people will have fallen off their resolutions. Something similar may happen to you this year and if it does, don’t blame yourself, blame it instead on the people or lack of people around you.

Research shows that we tend to do difficult things better in groups. So this year I suggest that you join forces with others when you seek a specific type of goal. But it’s not enough to haul in your best friends, because they more than likely think and act just like you.

The key to success is to join forces with people who have different styles in the way they tackle life. This is important because we naturally go with our style: direct into action, research, have to follow a specific system or focus only what you see. But, we often fail when doing anything just one way, which means that we need others that have styles that we are weak in.

You can achieve success this New Year by joining forces with people that think different than you, but have the same goals. An example: if your style is to research, than you need someone who is an action person. If you’re the action person, than you need the person who does research.

If this makes you nervous, remind yourself that everyone benefits when different styles are part of your plan. Whatever your resolution is, finding your group of opposites will help you make it all the way. A bonus will be, I believe, some new friends and more joy in the year ahead.

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