How Are You Doing As A Widow

Take time on your grief journey to stand still and shake off the heavy burden you have been carrying.

Ask yourself some questions:

Do you still think of your husband every day?

Do you become emotionally upset or can you enjoy your memories?

Have you accepted that your life is as a single and not as a couple?

Are you ready to plan for a future as a single person?

Are you prepared to invest in your own personal growth?

How do you move forward? There are some specific things you can do to help fill the void created when your husband died. A good job, support system, friends and family are all important in supporting you as you move forward.

There will be days you may choose to do some hard grieving and if so then set aside some time to let yourself grieve. Honor your grief time and don’t feel guilty because grieving is important.

But there will come a time when you ask yourself “How Am I Doing?” and your answers may surprise you.

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  1. Sharon
    | Reply

    It has been over two years since my husband died. Living alone has been difficult since then. Been a couple for some 63 years but choose to be Happy as opposed to Sad.

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Hi Sharon – I love your positive outlook and I’m sure that you will be a guiding light to others that have lost a loved one. We all have good and bad days but it’s our choice on how we deal with them that decides on how well we manage our future journey. Take care, Mary Francis

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