Don’t Let “Death” Control Your Life

At first you just get by minute by minute – then hour by hour – day by day – week by week, until you can do a month without breaking down.

If you can have an “ok” moment of 60 seconds at least once a day, in those first few weeks, than take what you can. We may become numb and go into “auto pilot” when grieving. This is normal as its our minds way of protecting us from the shock and pain until we can take it all in.

Own your “feelings” and accept that grief is going to knock you down. Think about what role your “husband” played in your life. Acknowledge how your missing him and how you will have to adapt.

“Grief” is a walk alone and no matter what, others can’t do it for us. We need them to walk beside us and listen more than talk.

Strong emotions can be triggered by sights, sounds, smell, touch and taste. Even a change of seasons, special occasions or a favorite song can bring our memories to the surface and with it our pain. This is all normal because grief is not an “event”, it’s a process that has to have its time.

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