Ask For Help

I know its hard being a widow and having to do everything, especially when your used to having a husband help you. But please, if you do not know something, ask for help and advice.

Often we get into more trouble by refusing to accept our limitations. It’s okay that you don’t know – you can’t know everything and you can’t do everything. There is no shame in asking for help.

You never know where help will come from. Do not judge people by their status, for someone you think beneath your social circle, can easily be skilled in just what you need. The person who seems plain, uninteresting, may be the one to whom you turn in moments of difficulty.

Be aware of everyone around you, at all times. Not only are there people out there that would be happy to help you, but there are also people out there that you can help. Learn to distinguish true quality in people, for those people are there for you.

Ask for help and put your energy into what you can do now, in this hour, to improve your condition. Then set about doing it, without hesitation and with all the help that you can get.

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