Doctors Who Snapped

On the Dr. Oz show they talked about Doctors that were so stressed that they snapped and took their own lives. They made a lot of good points about how their loved ones didn’t see the signs and just how common suicide is, even among one of our most professional groups.

For those left behind, emotions are up and down and with each change we need to share our turmoil with others. Many of us experience different levels of grief at any time. Someone may avoid mourning, while another may react by being even more out spoken and even angry.

When a family loses someone to suicide they may feel a lack of continued support or the freedom to grieve as long as they need to. It helps to learn about “complicated grief” as this knowledge will support and encourage you, so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

The stigma of self-inflicted death can make our grief especially intense. That’s not to say that you suffer more than others who have lost a loved one, but that you may tend to suffer longer and differently.
Below is the link to the Dr. Oz show on this subject and also links for support and encouragement.

Dr. Oz – Doctors Who Snapped –

Suicide Prevention Lifeline –

Suicide Prevention Resource Page –

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