Easter Long Weekend

As a widow nothing highlights being alone as much as holidays and long weekends.  If your lucky you have family close by and will be able to share part of the long weekend with them.  But for a lot of us widows, our children are grown and living away.

I know on my mental side that being thankful for what I have is a positive way to get through the holidays, but on my heart side I don’t always feel particularly thankful.  So what if, like so many other widows, you’re having a difficult time this Easter?

I’m offering you some hope that you may find the following useful in coping with the loneliness of this Easter:

Give the gift of caring and if it is possible give even in the most casual contact – on the street, stores and getting gas.

Recognition comes from the simple act of just speaking to someone.  Respecting them with your positive words.

Don’t just show the people close to you that they are important, show everyone you meet that they have value.

Hold on tight when everything goes wrong and never give up, for that is just when the depths of despair will clear and carry you on  to a new, positive life.

In your life, it’s great to have wealth, fame, power and money.  But, never think those things are what qualify you as a great person, a person that others will want to spend time with.  Instead great people love those around them without expecting anything back, they are God’s true servants.

Love is something we can all aspire to, it costs nothing and gives us the greatest gift of all – people who love us back.  This long weekend I humbly ask you to call your grandmother, or your father, or your child, because one day there may be no answer on the other end of that line – you’ll have little left save for your memories.  Don’t wait for others to reach out to you, take control and spend time with the people you care about.  It may even be that they need you more than you need them, because we just never really know what others are going through.

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