Fixing A Broken Relationship

There is an art to knowing when a relationship can be saved and when it’s beyond repair.

If your not careful you will waste too much time and put too much effort into something that is beyond repair.  On the other hand, you never want to walk away from a relationship that can be savaged.

Think this out – what will you lose if you never see them again and what will you gain.  You must imagine, in detail, the future without them.  Than make your decision and act wholeheartedly.  No half way, your either want this relationship or you don’t.

There is never any reason to assume friendliness, even when relationships seem to warrant it (family and in-laws).  Make the best of it because you will see each other at family events, but don’t put expectations on them.  These relationship may not be broken, as much as you were never really close in the first place.  If it’s not there, just let it be.  We can’t expect to bond with everyone and families are proof of that.

An important element in the rebuilding of your life is the process of learning to love yourself first. As you love yourself you will attract others to you and new friendships will develop naturally.

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