Working Through Your Grief

In the 60’s and 70’s psychologists outlined “stages” of grief describing the typical emotions one can expect to experience based on the best-known list of stages developed by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her book “On Death and Dying.”

In it, she outlined the five stages that most people can expect to experience when dealing with a loss or facing a terminal illness.

Denial: begins with an outright refusal to accept the circumstances.

Anger: may be directed at the world, the circumstances, the people in their life.

Bargaining: occurs when bereaved individuals attempt to make last-ditch “deals” with God.

Depression: is trademarked by feelings of deep sadness.

Acceptance: happens when the bereaved finally accept their loss.

The bottom line is that these stages are just an educated idea of how grief tends to play out, rather than a hard and fast rule. Psychologists currently believe that the concept of “stages” is confusing to grievers and should be avoided.

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