Dating Guide for Widows

I have a new Guide called “Dating Guide for Widows” that is now for sale as a download file.  You can find it under “Products” page on my website

Come, let me guide you to a new, happy and committed relationship. I know this journey can be frightening, but I promise to give you all the tools necessary to be safe and happy. You don’t have to be fearful about choosing the right partner.  Loving again can fill us with joy, pierce our loneliness and bring us true happiness, but only if we choose wisely.

Dating Guide for Widows
Table of Contents

Page #
1. Intro
2. Table of Contents
4. Relationship Baggage
5. The Grieving Process
6. Enjoying the Single Life
7. Loving Again
8. A New Relationship
9. Dating For a Few Months
10. Am I too Old to Date?
11. In Love with Love
12. Self-Sabotage
13. Facing your Feelings
14. The Balancing Act
15. Visualizing your New Man
16. Adult Love
17. Is this a Date?
18. Ask more Questions
19. Your Beliefs
20. Is he 100% Available?
21. Negative Attitude
22. No Control – No Respect
23. His Past Relationships
24. Significant Age Difference
25. Don’t make Excuses
26. Know what you Want
27. Making the first Move
28. Dating Fears
29. Safe Sex
30. Dating with Children
32. Things to let Go
33. Honest Feedback
34. Are all the Good Men Taken?
35. Bar/Night Club Dating
36. Online Dating (2 pages)
38. First Date
39. Matchmakers
40. Is he into Me?
41. Dating Games
42. First Date wasn’t Good – Should I try a Second Date?
43. Relax – Check things Out
44. Reasons Why you don’t Date
45. Fear of Intimacy
46. Is there Chemistry?
47. Is this Love?
48. Your Sexuality
49. When should I have Sex?
50. Self Worth – Beyond Sex
51. Real Commitment
52. Living-Together
53. Getting Married Again
54. A Successful Marriage
55. Back Cover

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