Do you find yourself doing things you don’t want to do?  Spending time with people you would whether not be with?  The funny thing about being a widow is all the time you have on your own, that others think is open to their needs.

All of a sudden you are being asked to volunteer for everything that comes up, or babysit for children and pets every weekend, because of course what else have you got to do!!

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy volunteering, but I have a life and so do you.  Read aloud, “How I choose to spend my time is my choice.  I take full responsibility for my needs.”

It’s easy to blame everyone else, but the bottom line is that it’s our life and our choice.  Solitude is one of those things we crave if we don’t have, and yet too much of it is depressing.  It’s something that truly needs to be watched because it can easily be knocked into one side or the other.

Solitude is not “loneliness”.  Solitude is choosing to be alone, to be by yourself without feeling lonely.  It’s taking the time to slow down and look at ourselves, even if we’re afraid  of what we will see.  The truth is that we need some solitude, because without it now can we face our demons and explore our feelings?

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