The Original You

Are you ready to feel good about yourself again, to be the best you can be?

You can dare to be happy with who you are right now and accept yourself, faults and all. You may not realize it, but the root cause of many of your social, physical, and emotional problems is simply the fact that you don’t believe in yourself.

You may be uncomfortable with how you look, how you talk, or even how you fit it with everyone else. Are you always comparing yourself with others, wishing you were more like them?

Please stop, you can be happy with who God made you to be, and quit wishing you were something different. God went to great lengths to make sure each of us is an original and that includes you.

I would like you to stop and list some of the qualities that make you unique. Write what you like about yourself: your talents, spiritual gifts, physical attributes, hobbies, people you attract into your life and personality traits.

When you start to doubt yourself repeat this message over and over again to yourself:

“I am confident in who I am. I’m not going to go around pretending or wishing I was someone else. I am free to run my own race.”

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