Organize Your Precious Memories

Nothing means more to us widows than the memories of our loved ones: dating, marriage, children, travel and the list goes on. Therefore, nothing should be more important than organizing those memories.

Here are a few simple rules to follow for our pictures:

1. Throw out pictures that are blurry or unworthy of keeping.
2. Throw out double copies of pictures and extra shots of the same pose.
3. Write on back of the photo the names of the people and the date.
4. Divide your pictures into categories, such as year, decade or event.
5. Store your forever pictures in archival photo boxes, in a cool and dark area.
6. Digital pictures can be uploaded to a free app, such as Google’s Photo Scan.

Keep leather item (such as bibles, books etc.) covered with acid-free tissue paper.

Safeguard scrapbooks by placing acid-free interleaving tissue between pages and then store the book in an acid-free box.

If we don’t organize and protect our memories, who will? Our children may not know half the people in our old photos. I’ve gone to many auctions where family photos are thrown in with lots of books for sale.

They are more apt to be honored by our children if we cared for them.

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