Widows Need Inspiration

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You are grieving and I imagine that you are in need of a little inspiration – a little dose of creative energy.
Do you paint, write, decorate, play music etc.? Maybe you think that you didn’t get the creative gene when born.

But you are creative, we all are, even if we don’t know it yet. To find your creative side you need to seek it out, read, watch and listen to find your passion.

Your loved one may have been your center, your biggest supporter and partner. It’s natural to get depressed, struggling to find your way. I want you to live your life fully, being creative, unapologetically searching for what is right there, inside of you.

You can’t bring peace into your life unless you have it first inside your own heart. After Donnie’s death I was lost. I felt worthless and I couldn’t figure out my place in the world.

Writing my book, digging deep to find my creative side – that’s what helped me find peace. So, even if you don’t feel creative, take some steps towards finding out what is out there for you.

You can be inspired when you get creative and when you look around at the beautiful world we live in.

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  1. cynthia Becker
    | Reply

    One of my biggest fears was forgetting all the great time we had, to rid myself of that fear I wrote a “our love story book” just a note book with every story I could remember , I would just write a couple per day and make a list of stories I wanted to include. It is nearly a year later and the book has grown into several notebook. It seems each story reminds me of another. I knew when I could laugh at the funny things he did I was beginning to heal. Finally the memories make me smile and not cry. the book is only for me so there are miss spelled words and bad grammar but it has helped get through the worst days of my life

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Dear Cynthia – I love that you took your fears and memories to paper. It’s a great way to heal and thank you for sharing with us.

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