Lying Low When Grieving

When grieving, your urge may be to do something-anything-to avoid your life. But what if you just want to hide under the covers?

I often advise widows to get out, even it’s just to have coffee with friends. My thought being that we need to be social to some extent or we risk crossing the line from grieving to depression.

The answer may be somewhere in the middle. Ruined plans, loss of our loved ones, changed future and unfulfilled expectations highlight just how little control over life we have – I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Accept that what’s happening is happening and focus on those things/people that give you comfort, support and hope. Our brains can’t focus on both fear and appreciation at the same time, so choose “appreciation” for what you still have.

We are the only animals that don’t accept the up and down flow of living. We want everything to be up, light and happy, but that’s not life. We need to accept that there is darkness between the days, rain between sunny days and there are seasons of darkness, but also of growth.

So, jurying your dark season, lay low and rest. It’s okay to hold back as you recover and rest may be your best option for healing.

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