Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

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I hope that you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day – either in Canada or the United States. I know that gratitude is hard to find when you have lost a loved one, but it is a necessary step in your healing.

The fastest and easiest way to start a life of gratitude is to focus not on the negative, but on the positive aspects of your life.
You may want to try keeping a gratitude journal, a place where you can build a list of the things you are grateful for. Self-pity can’t take root where there is an attitude of gratefulness.

The simplest question to ask before you go to sleep each night is, “What am I grateful for today?” Others start their morning out by counting their blessings and they begin their day on a positive note.

If you’re having a bad day, take out your “gratitude journal” and reread it. Doing this simple exercise will make you feel better because it causes a shift from negative to positive thinking.

So, this Thanksgiving weekend I am thankful for family, friends, my good health and my beautiful Canadian country.

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