Holidays for Children Who Are Grieving

Going it alone can be tough at this time of the year. It’s crazy to pretend that everything is the same when it’s not. Here are some tips to help your children and grandchildren survive the season without their loved one.

1. Include children in any discussion about the holidays. It is a time of great insecurity for them and they need the security and support of the family. Let them know in advance that Christmas is still going to be celebrated and consult them before making major changes.

2. Get the children’s ideas about an appropriate gift or donation in memory of a loved one. Make them part of the process. They may also like the idea of a special candle that would burn in memory of the one who has died. Let them buy it!

3. Give the children a break from the family. If they want to spend part of their Christmas holidays with their friends, let them.

4. Encourage children to talk about the one who has died. This can be a painful experience, but it can prove helpful in allowing them to express their feelings.

5. Organize a simple treasure hunt with clues that eventually lead to a small gift hidden in the house. Make clues fun and simple, according to each child’s age and ability.

6. Go for a drive and admire the Christmas decorations.

7. Don’t try to keep everything the same: It isn’t and as sad as that fact is, it still has to be acknowledged.

8. Remember the spiritual side of Christmas. Most churches offer a variety of social events for families during the holidays.

Above is page 17 from my Guide – Surviving the Holidays and Special Occasions. Guide is available as download from my website.

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