My Fourth Christmas as a Widow

Here is an entry from my journal seven years ago when I was going into my fourth Christmas without Donnie.


“The season isn’t filled with joy.  Instead, I’m going against the whole season of joy, fun, lights, social times, classic Christmas movies and eating till I gain ten pounds. There is no sense in trying to make it what it isn’t. With the loss of Donnie there is a missing part of my self and joyfulness is hard to come by.

I went on a bus trip, Christmas shopping with some girlfriends and getting out for some fun. On the trip they showed the movie “Mrs. Miracle” which is a Christmas story of a widowed man caught in his grief. I’m sitting there with tears running down my cheeks – it was just too hard to watch and I could so relate to the emptiness he felt.

This will be my fourth holiday season (I never realized how long the season is) without my Donnie and I now realize that I have to find my own joy and peace for the holidays.”



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  1. Sherry Theriot
    | Reply

    This is my fourth Christmas without my husband of 43 years. I keep thinking with time passing the emptiness won’t be felt as much. It almost seems as if the reverse is true. Grief builds up over the years. I’m trying each year to find new ways to cope but haven’t been successful. I will be so glad when the season is over with. Selfish I know but just being truthful.

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Dear Sherry. It is not selfish to wish the holidays over because if it was then every widow that ever lived would be classified as “selfish”. Holidays have a way of highlighting our loneliness and grief so it’s normal and natural to want them to go away. Please follow both Facebook pages for The Sisterhood of Widows – the public one and the closed group. Lots of support and encouragement from other widows. Take care. Mary Francis

  2. Louett Williams
    | Reply

    I am a widow since August 4th of this year. We had been married almost 49 years. It is so difficult and draining mentally and physically. I try to be strong for my three children and also grandchildren.

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Dear Louette – I’m so very sorry about the loss of your beloved husband. Christmas and all holidays are hard without them. Please get my three guides as free downloads and keep in touch by following my blogs and joining the Facebook pages for The Sisterhood of Widows. Hold on tight to your beautiful children and grandchildren because they will help your broken heart heal. Take care, Mary Francis

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