Widows Donating At Christmas

Everywhere you go this season someone is asking for your donation.  As a widow you have to be careful with your money.  Yes, its good to give, but you don’t necessarily want to open your wallet for a charity if they aren’t going to use your donation wisely.

That isn’t to say charities are mismanaging money, but its wise to look into the charity’s financial picture so you can make an informed choice.

Here are a few organizations to get you thinking:

  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Cancer Society
  • Red Cross

In my mind, I like to donate in my local area.  I know that the money will not go towards high level management and huge advertising budgets.  But just because its local doesn’t mean its well run, so always check out where you’re putting your money.

Do you have an organization to add to the list – one that you believe will use donations well?

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  1. Deborah Surber
    | Reply

    Salvation Army
    Wounded Warriors
    American Legion
    Samaritan’s Purse

    All these help people in need without charging them anything.

  2. D
    | Reply

    I donate $100 each year to my local food bank.

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