Can You Be a Social Widow?

Widows who have a high sense of well-being, have a vibrant social network.  Their number one strategy to raising their mood and combat depression is to get out with family and friends.

Having said that I want you to be mindful of just how much social time you can handle when you’re grieving jurying the holidays.

# 1 – Avoid obsessing over pleasing everyone.  If you usually have a holiday party consider teaming up with someone else or making it a potluck party.  You can also make it a smaller group of just close family and friends.

# 2 – Take your own car when you go out so you can leave when your ready.

# 3 –  Make a plan before you go to a party to talk to at least seven people.  Having a plan gives you something to focus on.  Also introducing yourself to someone who looks more nervous than you helps your own nerves to drop away.  Nothing like concentrating on someone else’s feeling to take the attention off your own hurts.

# 4 – It can be stressful to walk into a party by yourself.  So, jot down a few favorite topics (a book your reading, current local news or movie) to boost your confidence and help you get a conversation going.

Holidays can be stressful, but they can also be a blessing because it gives you an opportunity to socialize with family and friends.


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