Holiday Tips for Widows

Today I would like to share some tips that may help us widows get through this stressful time.

  1. Enjoy your children and grandchildren.  After all that’s what the holidays are suppose to be about.

2.  Don’t start party drinking, because you may start talking about your husband and that combination will not end well.

3.  If the holidays are overwhelming, than scale back what you do and where you go.  Many tasks are small enough to drop off the list or delegate.  Instead of home made, think bakery or pot luck.

4.  No one can take our memories away so hold on to those precious memories of holidays past.  Honor past traditions and be open to starting some new traditions.  Share stories and memories around the dinner table, don’t hid from your grief.

5.  Take care of your physical health by increasing your exercise and decreasing actions that trigger depressed feelings – example:  excessive alcohol, over spending, weight gain, to just name a few.

6.  It’s okay to be selective with who you spend time with, as not everyone can be supportive in your grief.  So hang with people you really enjoy being with.

For more tips, support and encouragement link to website for free sample pages: Sample from Holiday Guide

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  1. Nancy Jeane Price
    | Reply

    My husband passed November 10 my youngest who leaves in ohio came to calif then cause I didn’t want to be alone I went back to ohio with her she just purchased a house and just recently divorced so I figured she could you my help and I needed to be busy so here I am in ohio no no one and it’s the holidays and she’s out living her life

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Hi Nancy. It’s hard to move to a new area away from friends and the support system you have in place. After a time everyone goes back to their lives but ours are forever changed. As your daughter has a life, so will you need to. After the holidays take a look around your new area and see what things you might like to try or just start getting out of the house every day just for yourself because you are worth it. Take care. Mary Francis

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