Is It Your Home?

I mean really “home” not just a place that provides a beautiful roof over your head, and a comfortable bed to sleep in.
It’s a big and important question. The answer sets the course for everything that follows.

Your home should be a reflection of your tastes, values and comforts. Some houses have nothing to do with their owners. Your husband may have been a hunter and you have beautiful animal prints, but that’s not your style. Or maybe your wife loved that pink bed cover while you would like a dark brown colour.

Maybe it’s time for you to rethink how to express yourself through your home.

What physical things do you find pleasure in? What would you like to live without? Is it time to de-clutter and make it your style? Does the paint colour feel right? Is this your home or just a place to put your head down?

If it doesn’t feel right, then change it. The feeling of being “at home” can’t be bought, because it comes from our intimate relationship with our own space. If we spend our time and creativity on making it our home, it will not only give us comfort, but also the sanctuary that we need.

Other “home” touches could be a picture, quilt or special gift that you love. That helps you to count your blessings. Research shows that when life is difficult, just being near things that remind us of better times helps us to heal. This desire for a special haven isn’t for luxury, but a deep biological need to be secure.

When you’ve made one tiny change, make another, and then another. One day you’ll wake up in “your home” and in every possible way, you’ll be at home.

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