You Have Choices

You are unique and being a widow just makes you even more unique, so that in everything you do, you are either meeting your needs or you are not.

Whether you realize it or not, every moment you are making choices about your life.  Even deciding to not make a decision, is still a decision.

All day long you get internal feelings – positive or negative, and you react to that feeling by thinking, “this is or is not what I want”.

You may simply dismiss these feelings as not being important and hope they will pass.  The truth is these painful negative feelings will not just go away because they are telling you that something is wrong.

One of the best strategies you can use to get in touch with your negative feelings is to start thinking of what you’re not getting from life.  Then you can do something to start getting what your missing.

In reality, life is probably just so-so and not really pleasurable or miserable.  It can be so much better and you can make the choice to be happier than you are now.

Strong, content widows are able to recognize what they are doing right and give themselves credit. You choose what to do and think when you get a painful feeling instead of dismissing it.  Do you know what you want moving forward?

Often when we complain, we are talking about what we don’t want and not about what we do want.  It’s time to change the way we talk to ourselves and start talking about only what we do want, and what the best choice is for us.

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    God bless ya’ll as you go through your journey!!

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