Widows and Their Wedding Rings

Many widows wear their wedding rings till the day they die and others take them off the first year. The key here is that this is a very personal decision and others need to keep their opinions to themselves.

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  1. Cassie
    | Reply

    Hi. I’m still wearing my wedding rings. My husband died suddenly almost 3 years ago after being married 34 years and together for almost 40 years.
    I still “feel” married and lost with out my rings.

    But we did a unique thing with my husbands wedding band. I have two sons that got married in 2018. We had the ring cut in half by a jeweler and each son got 1/2. One added it to his wedding band.

  2. Maggie
    | Reply

    14 months after he died and I am still wearing my wedding ring. I write to him in a journal and talk to his picture. May be widows brain, but I still miss him every day.

    • Gail
      | Reply

      Hi Maggie -I do the same thing. I lost my husband almost 11 months ago and I write to him almost every day. I highly suggest it for new widows. I also still where my ring. I am thinking of having his and mine melted together to form a new one

  3. Iris
    | Reply

    I lost my husband 6 years ago. My wedding ring was getting to tight and cutting into my finger, so after a lot of washing up liquid on it I managed to get it off and I had a bigger one made from mine and my husband’s….

  4. Judy
    | Reply

    My husband died 8 years ago. I just took my rings off late last year. I wear other rings on my finger so I don’t feel “naked”. I am still thinking about what to do with them.

  5. Susan
    | Reply

    I put my wedding band and his wedding band along with my engagement ring on a chain and wear them around my neck. I got a widows ring to wear on my left hand. My husband died a year ago.

    • Lysa Leggs
      | Reply

      I did the exact same thing with my husband wedding band and my wedding ring plus engagement ring. I recently lost my husband. I’m searching for the perfect widows ring.

      I so appreciate your post

      • Brenda Russell
        | Reply

        I lost my husband two months ago! Right after his death I was ask to take his jewelry because he was being cremated. I put his rings on my left middle finger next to mine! Is that wrong?

        • Mary Francis
          | Reply

          Hi Brenda. There is nothing wrong with wearing his ring next to yours. Do what gives you some comfort and never let others tell you otherwise. Take care and be safe. Mary Francis

  6. Carol A Corcoran
    | Reply

    My loss is only 32 days fresh. I’m currently wearing his band on my thumb where it fits nicely. I have no current plans of removing my wedding rings.

  7. Mary Bernuth
    | Reply

    Hi Carol – My husband died on August 26th. His wedding ring fits nicely on my thumb also. Right now I can’t imagine taking my ring off but I can imagine wearing his. We were best friends and in love for 30 years. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s a hard time right now. The memorial is over, I’m alone in our home. We have grown children and grandchildren who are grieving also, so we’re in touch and that helps. Sending you my deepest sympathy.

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