Taking Inventory of Your Life

The decisions we widows make every single day are what builds the foundation of our future.

Some are small decisions – should I walk today or set and watch T.V.?  Some are life decisions that have more of an affect on our lives – do I forgive my friend for their thoughtless comment or do I hold on to it?

Our decisions often come from how we were brought up, our life experiences and our beliefs.

Example:  If your belief is that friendships are important, you will forgive your friend for their one thoughtless comment.  If you had parents that exercised you will be more apt to choice a walk over T.V.

Take an inventory of your life to see what is working and what needs to be changed.

Being comfortable can become a trap and to leave that comfort you will have to avoid the temptation of doing what you did today, tomorrow.

You have to make a conscience choose to do something different.  If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you will continue life as it is – if you do different, you will be different.

Now, if your a new widow and grieving please don’t make any sudden changes.  You may not be thinking clearly, but when you’re ready you will feel the need for change and that is when you can take an inventory of your life.

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  1. barbara
    | Reply

    I lost my husband last April. after 47yrs of marriage. I feel alone sad empty need to have to get up each day I do not have this
    Very scared

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      I’m sorry Barbara that you are going through this journey. Everyone is different but for me I didn’t start to get my balance until the third year. Some widows do better sooner and some need even more time. It’s normal to be unbalanced, sad and empty feeling when your grieving. Don’t be scared of your grieving as there is nothing wrong with you. In fact it’s healthy to feel your grieving. It’s more of a worry if your not feeling anything. It helps to talk to others who have suffered the same loss and understand your pain. If you know of any widows who are further along in their journey then you ask them out for coffee and talk things out with them. If not see if there are any support groups in your area. Also there are three free guides to download off my website that are helpful. Take care of yourself because you matter. Mary Francis

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