Kicking The Worry Habit

It’s not easy when your grieving to kick the worry habit, but it’s worth it.  First, let’s define what “worry” is – it is fear, a lack of facts and a waste of mental energy.

Next, what can you do about it?  It starts with a decision on your part.  Repeat these statements:

  • I’ve had it with worry.
  • I will not listen to falsehoods.
  • I will be confident.
  • I will be fearless.
  • I will demand facts.

Ninety percent of the things you worry about never happen.  Text your fears and worries by examining the facts to see if they are valid.  Don’t be afraid to face the facts and question the details. Destroy your worry by dragging it out to the light and analyzing it.

Confidence is the first step towards challenging your worries.  Have confidence that life is worth living.  It’s called faith and you develop it as you find facts to support your belief.

Now the last step is action – be ready to work harder on yourself than on anything else.  Managed action will overcome doubt and push worry into a small space.

Do you want to master worry?  Not doing your best, no goals and no daily discipline all lead towards what is wrong and why you worry.  To get things going start doing all the things that make you feel better.  Start today and see what positive steps you can take.

My wish for you is that you develop a growing awareness of the world around you and the possibilities in it.

Be grateful for the opportunity to be all that you can be.  You can change direction, the elements are there and the choice is yours.  If not now, when?

  1. Nan
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    Sorry, but I meant to say that alcohol makes my anxiety, depression worse, not work.

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