Widows Can Change

As a widow what can you do, starting today, that will make a difference in your life?

No matter what has happened in your past you can do the most amazing things. We are remarkable and can turn nothing into something. We just need to have the desire to do so.

If you don’t like something – Change it.
If there isn’t enough – Change it.
If it doesn’t suit you – Change it.
If something isn’t right – Change it.

Is it easy? No. Can you take steps to change it? Yes.

Can others do it for you? No – This is your life, if you don’t care enough to change why would anyone else.

The enemy to change is indifference. To not care, to let it slide or just go along with it, is the tragic disease of indifference.

You also can’t let doubt take over. Widows often doubt themselves, but by doing so we accept less and are unwilling to make the necessary changes. Nothing affects our future as much as our ability to dream. When you allow yourself to dream you unleash a creative force that gives you the power to change.

People will tell you to change and you will think “its not that easy” and you are right, it isn’t easy. But so what, do it anyway! Burying our loved one was the hardest thing we will ever do – after that it is our choice: to take just one positive step at a time or indifference. What do you choose?

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